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A/R Insurance


Your accounts receivable can represent close to half your balance sheet. Protect your profits with Accounts Receivable Insurance and get covered for insured losses if a customer doesn’t pay. 

Why insure your account receivables? (Also known as Trade Credit Insurance) 

1) Increase your cash flow
Your bank is willing to lend up to 90% on insured receivables, giving your business more working capital.

2) Increase sales
Up to 80% of international business is done on open payment terms of 60-90 days. By offering your clients flexible payment terms, you can sell more with the confidence that your receivables are insured in the event a client doesn't pay.

3)  Mitigate risk
Your receivables are likely your biggest asset - it's prudent to insure them against the risk of default. Accounts Receivable Insurance (also known as Trade Credit Insurance) insures your accounts receivable and protects your business from unpaid invoices caused by customer bankruptcy, default, political risks, or other reasons agreed with your insurer.

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